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Christine McAllister

Christine McAllister Sr. Mortgage Advisor NMLS # 20839Office (401) 490-4400 Fax (401) 490-4418

Christine McAllister is a true Rhode Islander, with a love for all things Rhody.  She graduated High School with National and RI honors from Cranston East High School.  After attending college, with a major in accounting, she realized she wanted to incorporate her love of numbers with her love for meeting people.

First professionally starting in real estate in 1989, she was able to provide a secure home for her four children when she found herself as a single mom.  She entered the mortgage business as a loan originator in 1996 and found her calling.  The best feeling she experienced was making the call to excited home buyers and reporting to them “your mortgage has been approved!”  This feeling is evident in the way she extends her personal attention to each and every client.  If you don’t understand everything about your loan, she will take the time to ensure your fullest confidence. Ultimately, with her financial knowledge, her goal is to calm the fears of first time homebuyers, share the excitement with repeat buyers and guide her borrowers through decisions to refinance or down-size. With Christine, “you’re not a-loan”.

As the years have passed, she has married and become mom to her husband Michael’s two children and enjoys the life of a blended family, with six children and nine grandchildren. Living in Foster, RI, she enjoys fulfilling the needs of both RI and Connecticut clients.