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We are repeat customers of Province Mortgage. Our mortgage advisor, Angela Moon, is fantastic to work with. Her communication, advice, and dedication to her clients are top notch. She knows the ins and outs of the business and makes applying and mortgage approval as easy as possible. We cannot say enough about our experience with the company and have referred several friends to Province Mortgage. Thank you for your excellence!

Review By: Clarissa



Dear Mr. Currie, please share this letter of gratitude as you see fit.  Angela Moon was excellent!  I am sure you are very proud to have her on staff!

Thank you very much for all your help and support getting me qualified, approved and secured with a mortgage.

I trusted you from the first phone call and appreciate your advocacy, commitment and perseverance to make sure  all out “i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed”. Because of your vast knowledge of the mortgage and real estate business you made this endeavor smooth.  You were always available to talk with me and help insure that mistakes were avoided.  You not only helped with the mortgage part but I appreciate all your help in working directly with the realtors, and your sage advice for insurance providers and lawyers.

You made this exhausting process manageable. I will highly recommend you to all family and friends. You made a huge difference in my life!

Thanks to you I now have a beautiful new home and it was all possible because of you.

You are a blessing!



Wickford, RI


Christine McAllister & her support team

I cannot be more in awe of what Christine managed to accomplish for me.  Christine started working with me in late July, looking over a rather UGLY credit report.  She stuck around to my complete amazement.  I say complete amazement because I was actually referred to 2 other mortgage brokers before Christine.  Those brokers never even bothered to call me back, let alone sit down with me and map out what I would need to do to bridge the gap between where I was and where I needed to be to qualify.

Not only did she sit me down and get to know Lisa and I, she was very understanding of our frustrations based on previous experiences.  I have been called a ‘Type A personality’ and Christine acknowledged and worked with that.  I was very pushy and although I am POSITIVE she was frustrated with me, she continued to give me direction, even if that direction was that I needed to be patient.  I was doing everything I could and Christine knew that and did not get upset when I was getting anxious and pushy.

I cannot speak highly enough of Christine and Sarah’s professionalism.  There was never once in this entire process that they did not respond to a request for information, even if it was just to tell me where we were in the process.  This team was amazing from Day 1 right through Thursday Nov 8 when we closed.

“Working with Angela Moon to secure a rental home loan has been amazing. Angela provided us with sound advice and constant contact. She returns text, e mails, Facebook, and late phone calls, even on weekends. Three recent refinances and loans gave me a great deal of current experience. Angela’s the best . I am more secure and informed about the structure of the home owning and rental situation than ever before. Ms. Moon provided timely and important support far beyond the paper work. Her contributions at the closing table were reassuring and timely. I highly recommend her on a professional level.”
Charlie and Emily
South Kingstown
“Angela at Province Mortgage was the only broker who worked with me on a personal basis to get my home refinanced and saved me from having to sell my home. She is truly an angel and I appreciate her professionalism and results I received from outstanding service she provided me. I went through several companies to refinance during a divorce and she was the only broker willing to work with me and get results for my situation. I would recommend Angela Moon very highly and without any reservations.”
Michelle B.
Glocester, RI
“To Whom it May Concern, This is to inform the reader that Angela Moon is an extraordinary mortgage broker. Working with Angela on our recent refinance was a pleasure, and as easy as it gets, I believe. Her professionalism, follow-up, personal integrity and attention to detail far exceed that of anyone we have dealt with in the mortgage industry over the past twenty-five years. Her expert knowledge of the process gives her a significant advantage over her competitors. In our case, this meant she held the lender accountable for their misstep during the approval process. Rather than passing along this added fee to us, she pushed back and defended our position, eliminating this significant cost. We do not hesitate to recommend Angela Moon.
Frank K
South Kingstown
“Angela recently helped me close on a refinance of my home loan. Her professionalism and expertise in her field were second to none. I was consistently impressed with Angela throughout the financing process. With Angela you feel that she is “in your corner” and provides you with the best service and advice possible to meet your needs. I highly recommend Angela Moon for all your mortgage needs. I wish there were more people in the industry, and in life, like Angela!
Dr. Mike F
South Kingstown
“Angela’s knowledge and expertise in her field cannot be matched. The attention to detail, and caring way in which she guided me and my wife through such a difficult process was amazing. My wife and I always gained an extra sense of confidence throughout all negotiations, knowing our real estate transaction team was well informed and lead by Angela. If you want somebody to get you a loan, call someone else. If you want advice and guidance on one of the most impactful financial decisions in your life, call Angela.”
Shannon and Deanna C
“As an out of stater looking to purchase a house in Rhode Island, Angela came very highly recommended by the real estate broker from whom I purchased the house. From the first time I spoke with Angela about obtaining a mortgage to seeing her at the closing on the house, she was by far the most pleasant, professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy mortgage advisor or person involved in Real Estate I have had the pleasure to do business with. There is no question in my mind that if I were to buy another property or knew someone who was, Angela would be the first person I would contact.”
Chuck W


I wanted to let you know that we recently closed on a refinance of the property at 526 Thames Street!  Thank you so much for recommending Samantha Leduc to us!  She was awesome.  As I am sure you know, refinancing an investment property in this market is no small feat.  We had more than one “back to the drawing board” moments, but Sam never gave up.  She was tenacious, responsive, organized, honest, and professional throughout the process.  I hope that you continue to recommend her services to your clients.

Thanks again, we would never have found her without your recommendation!

Take care,



Samantha Leduc & Grace,

We just wanted to take a second and wish you both a very happy Thanksgiving!

This was a HUGE year for Becky and I… One of the biggest parts, and one of

the things we are most thankful for, is our new home. We wouldn’t be IN that

new home without the extraordinary help of two amazing people… You two! So

like I said, we just wanted to take a second and wish you both a happy

Thanksgiving. We’re very grateful for everything that you both did for us

this year and we’ll never forget it!

Thanks again!!!

Matt and Becky


Professionalism, courtesy, and getting the job done are alive and well in the person of James Bethune!

Jim’s years of experience and knowledge has helped me clearly understand the most cost effective choice, and his commitment to service, service, and service is why I am glad to put my comments in writing!


Gene, Cranston   


I just wished to share with you how supportive and knowledgeable Dan Hartman was thru our refinancing process.  Dan was extremely professional and well informed concerning our options.

His company exhibited a high level of expertise.  We appreciated all their time an efforts in guiding us thru the process.

A job well done!!




In March of 2012 I was beginning my preparation of obtaining a lender for a newly purchased house in Cumberland, RI. I did some perfunctory checking and decided to call Danielle Gervais. Prior to calling Danielle I had never met or had ever spoken with her. After my initial phone call to Danielle I knew I had made the right choice. Danielle spoke to me in length about the mortgage process, what documents I would need to provide, and potential issues that could arise. Within a day Danielle had Sara from Province mortgage contact me by telephone to introduce herself as a point of contact and send me a list of documents that would be needed for my scheduled meeting with Danielle for the lender. Danielle met with me without complaint at a time that most employees have gone home for the evening. Danielle reviewed my documents and assured me the mortgagee will be obtained in time of the closing. At any point before the closing if I contacted Danielle by phone or email I received a timely response. I know I was not the only customer Danielle was working with, but she makes you feel you are her most important customer. You can not ask for better customer service from Danielle or the staff at Province mortgage. I firmly believe Danielle worked in getting me the best interest rate available. On the day of my closing while sitting in the conference room to finalize the paperwork for the sale I was shocked when Danielle walked into the room. I could not believe she took the time to attend a closing. I have bought and closed on several different properties throughout the years and this is the first time I ever had my mortgage advisor attend a closing.

Eight months later I again contacted Danielle. I received a letter from the lender telling me my monthly payment was going to be increased to include the fire district tax into escrow. I called the lender on four different occasions on a number they provided to me and was given the standard rehearsed answer; the fire district tax had to be escrowed.  As part of my original closing paperwork there was never an agreement to escrow the fire district taxes. The lender would not accept my explanation and required me to begin paying the additional amount each month. I contacted Danielle for confirmation that the fire district tax was not to be escrowed and she agreed. Danielle put me in touch with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). She provided me with their contact information and the services they could provide. Danielle sent me the documentation I needed from my closing to provide CFPB. Within one day I received a telephone call from the lenders corporate offices telling me they were further researching my situation. Twenty-five days later the lender contacted me and agreed to the original terms that the fire district tax should not be included into escrow. I would not have known about the CFPB without Danielle. After eight months Danielle still provided me with great customer service and made me feel I was her most important customer. Danielle truly provides professional service from beginning to end.



From the first telephone conversation with Danielle, it was apparent that she had in-depth knowledge of every step of the mortgage process.  She was helpful with the preapproval paperwork and was very accommodating in terms of appointment times that would work around our busy schedules.  Furthermore, she prepared and offered different ways that we could finance the purchase of our home.  She understood our financial concerns and the importance of having a monthly payment that was comfortable to us.

Once my husband and I were under contract for the purchase of our home, several concerns arose from the home inspection.  Danielle was easy to contact on both weekdays and weekends. She informed us about possible solutions to remedy the problems, and she let us know what our rights were as buyers.

Danielle provides the attention and customer support that one would never receive from a bank or credit union.  She provides her cell phone number to her clients.  I called her countless times with questions about financing, and even more often as we approached the closing.  Each time I called, she either answered right away or called back within minutes.  I feel as though we received such quality service that I would readily recommend her to my family and friends.

Amy & Roland

Smithfield, RI


Hi Angela,

After our experience with Province Mortgage, I had to let you know how please I am.  Being a small business owner and being self employed, I cannot even imagine how I could have gotten through the process without you and your staff.  After the banking crisis and with all the new guidelines and rules for getting a mortgage, I would recommend you and your staff to anyone due to the expertise demonstrated in handling the situation.  Everybody I dealt with from you company was fast and professional.  I really like your approach of getting everything upfront right away.  This way, the loan goes right through without all the delays.  In the past, I have used big banks and it was nothing but a hassle and more mistakes than I could imagine.  The personal attention and the follow-ups on every detail were so impressive that I will never use anyone but you and your team!

Thank you so much,



To whom it may concern:

Ed Collins was reccomended to us by a realtor, John Biafore.  Right away we felt comfortable with Ed.  He sat with us and our three children in his office answering all sorts of questions and explaining everything thoroughly.  We never rushed, even as our kids became restless.  Ed stayed in touch with us throughout the entire home buying process, even calling from his family vacation to check up on things.  Ed and his staff responded to all inquiries swiftly – usually within minutes.  Our home buying process was a long one and Ed sometimes doubled as a therapist, soothing our anxieties.  I think the most telling attribute of Ed Collins was the fact that following our closing we remained in the lawyer’s office, simply chatting for another twenty minutes.  I would highly reccomend working with Ed Collins as your mortgage broker.


Kateri and Fritz


Dear David,

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication of one of your mortgage advisors.  Angela Moon went above and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful real estate transaction.  Given that our situation was not clear cut, Angela had to utilize her creativity and connections to get the answers we needed.  Also, the sellers were intent on closing in 30 days, which in this lending climate is very ambitious, Angela made it happen!  This was our first foray into purchasing investment property and she made the transaction seamless.  As a consummate professional, Angela is already counceling us on what is necessary to buy our next home.

We look forward to working with Angela on our next purchase, and we thank you for having her as part of your team.


Jennifer and Daryl


Dear David,

Yesterday I closed on a refinance of my condominium in Portsmouth, RI with Cara Millett and I wanted to take a minute to say how enjoyable it was working with her.  I had inquired with at least 6 other financial institutions about refinance my property and found no one that was offering sound advice or reasonable rates.  Cara on the other hand gave me sound advice, recommending using “Credit Expert” to help guide me to repair my credit and enable me to leave the sub-prime market behind.  Her prompt and professional responses to my numerous questions really helped this process go smoothly and made me feel comfortable that I was getting honest answers that had my best interest in mind.  In short it was a pleasure doing business with her, I was satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend her to others.

Michael, Sr. Aerospace Metal Belleows Manufacturing Supervisor


Rhonda DelSignore came highly recommended to us from a trusted colleague. We contacted her at a critical time when we were about to expand our business. Rhonda immediately made us feel comfortable and assured us she could assist us with our financial needs. Her attention to detail and attentiveness to our every concern is what set her apart. Her professionalism, knowledge and patience were top notch. She took the time to answer all questions promptly which made the whole transaction that much easier. We look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Christine Edmonds & Phyllis Arffa
Owners of “Blaze, East Side”


Dear Don,

I first want to start off by saying, “Thank You” for making a very challenging mortgage situation go through flawlessly. I learned a whole lot about equity, credit and income and how they all come into play. Owning a home, in my eyes, is truly the American dream and I owe a big part of that to you. I know that without your hard work and dedication and also the help of your colleagues, none of this would have been possible. We just love this house and I knew it was perfect the moment I stepped into it; just wasn’t’ sure how I could possibly go about obtaining funds for it or even where to begin. You made the process a very enjoyable and educational one. Even when your little one was sick, you took responsibility for everything, stepped up to the plate and helped me through. I can’t say thank you to you and your staff enough!

Since our closing on Dec. 13th, we have finally gotten through Christmas and I have found the extra time to get this letter off to you. Between the house and Christmas, I feel as though I have endured a very challenging time in my life and lived. We are almost done painting the house inside and have, as I’ am sure you are also aware of, a list a mile long of things to do around the house. Ron will be a busy man for many years to come. We are fortunate to be doing all of our renovations before we move in, which should be around my birthday on Feb 3rd. It’s funny but people always said to me, “When its meant to be it will be” and this year has just been full of meant-to-be’s: found the man of my dreams, obtained a wonderful job, bought a fabulous home. I guess it really does happen in 3’s.

In any case, Don, I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year’s full of love and health and happiness throughout the year. Again, thank you for being so patient with me through my barrage of constant questioning and I look forward to working with you again in another year.

Amy — Tiverton, RI


Dear Steve,

I still remember our first conversation, over two years ago; I had a million silly questions that you answered candidly and without hesitation. It seems like so long ago when Bob and I began toying with the idea of becoming “homeowners” yet, in some ways it seems like yesterday. Since then, a million more questions have surfaced none of which you thought too trivial to answer. You have gone above and beyond to lead us on the right path toward our goal. We have come so far and learned so much from your advice and expertise. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and genuine concern. Thanks for helping make our dream come true. Sincere thanks for all you’ve done.

Lisa & Bob — Somerset, MA


Dear Mr. Currie,

It was our pleasure to meet Dan Hartman in July of 2003. Our local real estate agent referred him to us via a phone call on Wednesday morning. Shortly after noon that same Wednesday, Dan appeared at my office to introduce himself. He took all the information from us and pre-qualified us for the purchase we wished to make. Amazing service!

Our goal was to buy our second investment property that autumn and the third as soon after that as possible. Dan understood our goals and worked with us to attain those goals. He brokered both purchase mortgages with speed and accuracy. We feel Dan has worked hard to obtain financing for our needs at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion. We are currently working with Dan to reach yet another goal and are sure this too will happen with his help.

We were so pleased with Dan and his work ethic that we have referred him to clients and family. We have had two Hispanic clients he was able to help as well as one of our daughters. Dan has repeatedly demonstrated his dedication to the “long haul,” dispensing information on how to position oneself to qualify for financing. He stays in contact until goals have been met and beyond.

We unconditionally refer people to Dan because we understand the dedication Dan demonstrated with us is status quo form him. Dan would make a valuable addition to any staff and new loan originators would do well to mimic him.

Should you have any questions or comments please feels free to contact us any time.

Steve & Bonnie — Willamantic, CT


I never thought refinancing could be so easy! Don Wilson and his team at Province Mortgage Associates, Inc. have shown us that it can be. The team at Province Mortgage worked relentlessly to accommodate all our financial goals and needs setting us up on our path to financial freedom. They were first class all the way. Thank you Don and Province Mortgage Associates!

Tom & Roberta — West Kingston, RI


Dear Rhonda,

I wanted to thank you again for the outstanding manner in which you handled the arrangement for a new mortgage on my condominium. Your services were invaluable to me. Your work was efficient, effective, timely and highly successful. Your ability to coordinate your services with Attorney Jason Marianelli enabled me to obtain the mortgage very quickly. You also worked hard to obtain a great rate of interest for me. You are also a lot of fun to work with. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Steve C. Imber, Ph.D.


Hi Donna and Rhonda,

Thank you for making our home-buying experience such a positive one. We’re still in boxes, but the central air was installed over the weekend and that is a beautiful thing! We are settling in pretty well and so are the cats.

Please extend my thanks to Bill Lombardi and Jason Marinelli too. If I know anyone who wants to get a mortgage or needs an agent, I am going to send them your way!

Also, your gifts were most appreciated. That was a very nice gesture.

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Beth Lacombe
Systems Analyst
MetLife Auto & Home – IA Download


I want to express my gratitude for the outstanding service Danielle provided when I needed to refinance and then again when I needed to obtain a mortgage for my second home. I had shopped around with a few brokers and was not impressed with them. When I met Danielle I could tell right away that she was a professional and would work hard to make sure I get the best mortgage for my situation. Danielle was courteous, informative (she really knew her stuff) and patient with all my questions. I was impressed with her preparedness to readily accept my initial application over the phone and then her flexibility when she offered to come to my house for me to sign the initial paperwork. Danielle made the loan process seem effortless but I know it’s not that easy. She guided me step by step through the loan process and kept me posted on any changes and what to expect next. The timeline she laid out for me was just as she said it would be everything ran smoothly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and will definitely use her services for future purchases. Danielle is a superb mortgage broker. Please tell her again how much I appreciate her work and to call me if I can ever be of any help to her.

A Very Happy Customer,
Cristiana Rosa — Cranston, RI


Dear Rhonda,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the time and effort you put into helping me obtain my mortgage. You and your entire staff are extremely professional and efficient, which helped make the entire process less stressful for me. I will make sure to refer everyone I know to you, and I will also make sure each person know the level of excellence you provide.

Darren Dickeson — Wareham, MA


Having 20 years experience in owning, buying and selling homes, my husband, Bob, as a consumer, can be quite challenging to real estate agents and mortgage brokers, as he knows enough about both to be dangerous.  When it came time for my husband and I to buy our own home, I suggested going to Don Wilson. He’s not just a mortgage broker. He’s a senior mortgage advisor! Well, I can tell you that we were impressed with Don’s knowledge, his ingenuity, and creativity. Don followed through at every turn, and he got us the best loan at the best rate. Don was in constant contact with the underwriters and us to ensure that we would be able to purchase the home that we wanted. Everything was going well, right up until the week before the closing and we hit a snag with the lender! Don stepped up to the plate, figured out a way to make the lender happy while keeping our best interests. Because of Don’s efforts, we were able to close and move into our new home!

Sharon Melesko

BAM Fitness, LLC


I recently contacted Cara Millett to refinance and consolidate my debts. I was referred to her by a friend. I found Cara to be very responsive to my needs. To begin with, I had concerns as to the actual cost of the process, and Cara willingly gave me a “ball-park” figure. This figure turned out to be dead on. Due to my situation, she had to contact various lenders, and it was obvious she spent considerable time researching and searching for the right one for me. Whenever I called Cara, she always returned my calls promptly. She also explained my credit report, and made suggestions as to how I could maintain and improve my credit score. In past financial dealings I had never been told anything about how this worked and had always been given incorrect advice. I would highly recommend Cara to anyone who is in need of refinancing, or advice regarding improving their credit.

Council Mattoon — West Greenwich, RI


Hi Don,

Just got back from Green Bay from the Packers game and was wrapping up loose ends to prepare for closing scheduled tomorrow morning and wanted to let you know your were sooo right about everything!!!!

As you know, my husband wanted to go with XYZ Mortgage Co because the numbers were so low for our monthly payment, but now the day before the closing numbers have went from $2282 a month to $2947.02!!!! My husband is so soured by the whole ordeal with XYZ Mortgage Co, that he is considering getting a lawyer involved.

I know you said that there was no need to feel bad for not having you handle the deal, but now, not only do I feel bad, I am ashamed and sickened that I didn’t stick with my gut instinct to follow through with you. You were very honest, thorough, and professional and unfortunately, the promises and low numbers quoted by XYZ Mortgage Co clouded our better judgment. All I can think of right now is: if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true at all.

Things are so messed up right know, we have informed the builder of the whole ordeal and expressed our intent to withdraw from the purchase even after already incurring some upfront costs. He is supposed to be getting back to us tonight. Right now my husband is very upset but hopefully once we cool off we will be able to make a clear decision as to our future real estate plans.

Regardless, I just wanted to thank you for the services and advice that you provided and hope we can do business in the future. In the mean time, feel free to share my horror story with any of your perspective customers to let them know that they can feel confident in your integrity and honesty when entrusted with handling their financial investments.

Nicole & Peter Manfredo


My husband and I have worked with Rhonda Delsignore at Providence Mortgage several times to either refinance our mortgage or most recently, to buy a new home.  After searching months for a bigger home for our growing family, we stumbled across the perfect home during an open house on a Sunday afternoon.  The home had been on the market for one day and was priced to sell.  Other interested buyers were lingering around to make their offer and we were nervous that we could lose our chance to buy the house.  We called Rhonda immediately to see if she could issue a pre-approval letter on the spot.  Sure enough she responded to us within minutes and issued the letter that day…a Sunday of all days!  Because we had a solid offer with a pre-approval letter, the owners of the home accepted our offer immediately.  We were thrilled.  Rhonda handled everything from the pre-approval to the closing attorney.  Thanks to Rhonda we are in our “forever” house, the house where we plan to grow old and raise our family.

Jen Driscoll


I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding service provided to me by Dan Hartman with regard to my recent mortgage refinance, from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate.

From the first interview of at least 1½ hours, when Dan took initial information and reviewed my history and my options, through meeting me at a convenient time and place to sign all the documents, to keeping me advised at every moment as to events, through his presence at the closing, Dan provided outstanding service to me.

Dan has even dedicated himself to helping me increase my credit score by a minimum of 75 points in six months!  I would trust him implicitly with my business.  He is an invaluable member of our City Biz/BNI Chapter.

Vin DiMonte, ESQ.


Mr. Currie,

Allow me to share my experience with one of your senior mortgage advisors Rhonda DelSignore.  I just bought my first house, I am a foreigner and I have lived in the United States for a few years now.  The process of buying a house is as exciting as it is stressful and scary.  Double that feeling if you came from a different culture.  Rhonda DelSignore was recommended to me by my real estate agent at the critical time.  She was always prompt, knowledgeable, and attentive to detail and always followed up on what she said she was going to do, which was invaluable in how smooth the transaction went.  However, what I appreciated the most is that she was patient enough to go over the same questions I had over and over again (even on a Friday night).  She also understood that for most people buying a house is a very emotional experience.  She made me feel like I found a friend that will guide me and take care of me during the entire process.  I cannot say thank you enough to her for her expertise and human touch.  I would come for her business any time and I would highly recommend her to others.

Ogla Lewis



I should have written you months ago.  It isn’t very often that you get to meet and work with someone who is truly caring, helpful and professional in every way.  I’m talking about Dan Hartman.

Dan was there for me in every possible way during a short, difficult transition period.  He made it happen when I needed a mortgage.  He’s good.  Not to sound corny, but, he’s my hero.  I’m not kidding.

I will recommend Dan, and your company, with the utmost confidence to everyone I know and meet.

John M. Ferrara


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Angela Moon, whom I have utilized for home refinancing twice in the past five years.  I have dealt with mortgage brokers 6 times prior to Angela in the 30 years that I have owned homes and Angela has been the best broker.

Angela’s knowledge and passion for her job is unique.  She is a property owner and sees the process through the eyes of the consumer.  The last two closings have gone without a problem based on her pre-planning and hard work.

I will continue to use her in all my mortgage related transactions and would heartily recommend her to anyone else.

John (Skip) E. Uhl




Your kindness, hard work and dedication allowed us to turn an empty house into our beautiful home.  We want you to know that we appreciate everything that you have done for us.  Thank you for making our dreams of owning our own home come true.

Jason, Kristen, and Erin



We wanted to thank you very much for all of your help so that we could get into our 1st home.  It’s certainly been crazy in the market, and we’re so grateful for all the extra effort you gave to make it happen for us.  We really appreciate your patience and support!  Thank you so much for all of the continuing work you’ve done for us.  We’d certainly recommend you!

Best wishes,
Mike & Erika Campbell



Thank you for all you did in expediting the paperwork for the mortgage and the bottle of wine and the decorating/opening tools.  I’ll give you a call when we have the open house.  Will be later in the summer.  There’s lots of painting and hardwood floors to install first.



Dear Mr. Currie,

I am pleased to be writing this letter in support of Dan Hartman, a senior mortgage advisor at Province Mortgage Associates, Inc.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Dan in July 2004 as he was working on paperwork with my father and stepmother.  Soon after I met with Dan to discuss my own financial information.  At that time I was not in a position to buy my first home.  Dan was kind enough to offer suggestions that I used to prepare myself to get a mortgage.  Dan periodically checked my progress and offered words of encouragement.

In the beginning of 2005 I was pre-approved for a mortgage and I began my search for a home.  Dan effectively communicated with my realtor, usually sending pre-approval letters or other paperwork I needed within minutes of our request.  Dan stayed in close contact as he supported me through my search for a home.  When I finally found my home Dan was quick to get my approval, despite obstacles I faced buying a “handy-man” special.  Dan maintained great lines of communication with my attorney and supported me throughout the entire closing process.

By any measure, Dan is an outstanding mortgage advisor.  His interpersonal skills with my realtor, my attorney, and the sellers attorney were consistently professional, supportive, accommodating, and helpful.

In summary, Dan Hartman is a conscientious, personable, and professional individual.  I would recommend him, without reservation, to any one looking for a mortgage.

Christy L. Calkins